We’ve neglected our blog since our site went live in March 2011, but we’ve now fully updated the site and fully intend to start blogging as regularly as possible.

Something which we have historically struggled with, is a good, reliable, clean and set-and-forget method of backing up a WordPress instance.  A lot of the backup solutions out there only back up the databases, or just the data, or both – but then require the backup to be stored locally.

When looking for a backup solution we had the following criteria :

  • A WordPress plugin
  • Ability to schedule backups
  • Options to back up the database, data, or the entire WordPress instance
  • Relatively low-cost, or preferably free
  • Cloud backup capability
  • No requirement to store backups locally
Over the course of approximately 4 months we installed and rigorously tested a number of backup plugins.  At one stage we were close to finding the perfect solution and had contributed code and bug fixes as well as being beta testers for one plugin in particular, but it was always a case of “nearly there but not quite” rather than “pretty much there”.
In the end, we opted for a paid solution – BackupBuddy – and love the product so much we ended up becoming affiliates with iThemes who produce the plugin.
BackupBuddy offers all the options we needed to meet our requirements, is regularly updated with bug fixes or new functionality, and most importantly for us, it supports scheduled backups to the cloud with a number of different options – our cloud of choice is currently Dropbox, with whom you get 2Gb for free – up to a maximum of 8Gb with free referrals.
All our customers receive a licensed BackupBuddy plugin included with our WordPress hosting service, which then allows you to backup to either your own Dropbox area or one of the alternative cloud backup providers, giving you the safety and peace of mind that your WordPress instance is automatically backed up and could be restored in the event of a problem.
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One thought on “Backing up your WordPress instance

  • August 31, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Nice overview. I also use BackupBuddy so concur with your review of the plugin. Look forward to future articles !


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