We manage many WordPress instances on behalf of our customers.  Keeping them monitored, plugins updated and secure when WordPress software updates are released can be time-consuming, having to log into all sites and update or manage them individually.  Therefore we have been looking for some time for a product, plugin, feature, tool or utility that would let us :

  • Remotely manage all WordPress sites/instances from a single location
  • Remotely deploy plugins, patches, upgrades
  • Be notified when any or all sites have upgrade requirements or upgrades available
  • Is secure, fast, easy to use and simple to add new sites
  • No requirement to store usernames or passwords for all sites – preferably uses an authentication token instead

Enter ManageWP.

ManageWP Logo

We’ve been using it for our own and our client sites for a while now.  It’s still in beta, and is currently a free service, but already we have come to rely on it.  It is flexible, secure, fast, and easy to use.  So much so, we’ve already incorporated it into our WordPress service offering.

Adding new sites is a breeze thanks to the authentication mechanism which prompts for an install of the ManageWP plugin to the site you need to add.  Then once the site is added, you get a full statistics breakdown and the opportunity to upgrade any plugins which are out of date.

The best feature we’ve found so far is the capability to add “favourite” plugins from the WordPress plugin directory, as well as uploading any purchased or off-the-shelf plugins that you may own, which can then be easily distributed to one or many sites that ManageWP currently has configured.

ManageWP also features a backup system but we currently use and include with our service, the BackupBuddy plugin from iThemes, so we’ve not made too much use of this – but it may well be something we look at in the future, depending on the cost factors versus using our existing BackupBuddy licensing model and cloud storage such as Dropbox.

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