Backup and secure your files !Have you ever considered the real implications of a failure or loss of your computer, external hard drive, or perhaps worse, having them stolen?  In the majority of cases, the consideration is only made after you need it when you’ve lost something you cannot get back; that treasured photograph, the important presentation, a document you’ve been writing for ages.

Many people don’t necessarily worry about this or realise how it would affect them.  You may well be able to live without them, but have you considered the personal costs and the time it might take to get back to where you were previously?  Could you face losing all the photos you have stored on your computer, your only photographic memories of events, family or friends?  The copies of email?  The photos or files you have downloaded, or perhaps even just your bookmarks?

Think about how long it would take to recover your data from scratch, re-install all those applications, set up your email, configure the browser that you prefer, get the desktop with icons back to the way you liked it.  Yes, it could take a long time, be painful and may be difficult to get back things you had before without potentially paying for them again.

We back up everything we can.  And we’re avid users of backing up to the cloud or using the cloud instead of a local workspace.

Edit: We now offer this as our own solution in South Africa:

There are a few recommendations that we can make.  Firstly, migrate your email services to the cloud.  We suggest that Google Email is a superb candidate, and it can even take all your existing email via upload, so it is searchable, indexed and has a nice fast web interface.  We are experts at migrating to, implementing and allowing customers to use Google Apps for email, documents, calendaring and other applications that Google Apps provides.  They allow to use your own domain name if you want to, and best of all, their packages start at free.

For backing up to the cloud, the best method is going to be one that doesn’t need you to do anything once it is installed, or bothers you unless the backup isn’t happening or there is a problem.  In the market, there are a number of players and we’ve tried many of them, with their own pros and cons. Now we offer our own endpoint protection service. Cloud Backup Solutions.

Don’t be one of the unfortunate few who decides on a backup strategy after they need it.  Implement something today.  Contact us for assistance, recommendations or implementation for you or your business.

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