Previously we wrote about how great Dropbox is, and we still advocate it as a superb (free 2Gb) solution for cloud storage.  However, we use Dropbox for storing WordPress backups, and this week hit a problem whereby one particular site suddenly stopped being backed up.

For our WordPress backups, we use BackupBuddy, but have also being trialing the WP-Manage Backup solution which is very similar with the additional feature that it allows a single configuration for multiple websites, rather than each website to have its own backup configuration.  This makes life infinitely simpler by defining either a full or daily database for all websites that are managed.

However, the site stopped being backed up on both.  We logged a support call with iThemes , and were very quickly responded to by Jeremy Trask of PluginBuddy.  He is super knowledgeable, quick to respond and succinct in the information he provides.

Eventually after debugging the installation, running test backups and suchlike, he determined that the cause of the backup not reaching Dropbox was actually a Dropbox limitation.  They only allow a maximum of 300Mb to be uploaded through their API, whereas the Dropbox Desktop application is effectively unlimited up to your storage capacity.

This is really disappointing and apparently also affects paid accounts, so it’s not even a feature that can be enabled or lifted at the moment.  In the meantime we are investigating alternatives but it seems that none are going to be free, although Rackspace Cloudfiles is a good cheap alternative, but at the moment not supported by WP-Manage.

How do you back up multiple WordPress instances ?  Do you have support for external backup spaces or a cloud ?  Do you know of a more elegant yet free solution ?

We’re hoping that perhaps Dump Truck will eventually provide a nice cloud storage alternative.

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