In September 2011, we discussed the benefits of using WebsiteDefender’s WP Security Scan WordPress Plugin, which also covered some points on enhancing your website security by using the WebsiteDefender service.  Since then, the WebsiteDefender service has grown significantly with new and improved functionalities.

WebsiteDefender has a number of services for security monitoring and reporting any threats that target your website or blog, giving you clear instructions on how to fix these security leaks.  Last month, the WebsiteDefender Team announced a new series of enhanced services which go a long way in making sure your website is secure.  Some of these features include:

  • An enhanced crawler module to cater for larger websites which now supports resuming the scan if the connection is broken mid-crawl
  • Improved malware detections including redirection configuration and .htaccess file scanning
  • Service quality and performance improvements of the WebsiteDefender core as well as increased redundancy and resilience when the service is undergoing maintenance.

We revisited their website and performed a ground-up install to cover both their WebsiteDefender WordPress Security Plugin and remote website monitoring service.  Why did we do this?  Because it’s best to use the plugin in conjunction with the WebsiteDefender service as together they cover more security vulnerabilities.

You are able to register many websites for remote security monitoring with the WebsiteDefender service.  We will cover the exact setup later in future posts.  At a high level, it is worth noting that WebsiteDefender has also developed specific security checks for WordPress – indeed the existence of a WordPress installation – or any new application – will trigger an alert, whether or not the WebsiteDefender WordPress Security Plugin is installed, which is a great help!

WebsiteDefender also offers you the functionality to monitor files for changes and even presents the differences when a file has been updated.  It highlights any changes that have been made and gives you the opportunity to back-out or reverse them.  WebsiteDefender does this just in case these changes were made without your knowledge, meaning it might be a case of hacker activity.  These are all extremely powerful features that are there to secure your WordPress website or blog.

A lot of users are sometimes scared of even thinking about using services that tackle website security because they lack the technical knowhow.  This isn’t the case with WebsiteDefender as it provides a vast and comprehensive range of FAQ’s and support documentation.  In addition, it has a forum, which gives users the opportunity to contribute to future versions, ask questions relating to the functionality or features of the WebsiteDefender service, as well as asking for help.  The WebsiteDefender Team has also implemented, which allows users to submit ideas and suggestions.  This really is community driven and whilst many companies are starting to use this model, none of them do it as well as WebsiteDefender.

In the next post, we will show you how to register for the WebsiteDefender service.  We will comprehensively cover the main steps in the WebsiteDefender service registration process.

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