Historically, we have been employed by companies who were then acquired by larger companies.  This trend ranges from small companies to mid-scale enterprise business, expanding up to some of the biggest blue-chip corporations in the world.

In all cases we have been involved at a detailed level, whether leading, project managing, or technically driving the merger, whilst ensuring that the acquiring company get exactly what they expect to be buying in the shortest possible time, and the acquired company maintain their business focus during the acquisition process.  Often this is one of the busiest times an acquired company will have experienced, with a mass of information and changes that need to be managed, communicated, executed, understood and driven at all levels.

In the field of IT, acquisitions and mergers can become complicated, and large-scale projects which require detailed knowledge and understanding of the processes involved, the importance and priority placed on migration requirements, and ensuring that the primary customer – the end user – are kept well informed of what will be changing, why, and how it affects them.

We also have extensive experience of moving acquired companies data centres, equipment, servers, infrastructure.  The largest project we have worked on involved moving more than 350 servers from the acquired company to the acquirer company over a single weekend, including reconfiguration and connectivity, ensuring the absolute minimum downtime – the servers went down on a Friday night and were available again on the Monday morning.  Obviously this takes a great deal of time, planning, support and skill; all of which we are able to assist you with.

Change is always a well documented difficult thing to deal with, and with our prior experience we are in an excellent position to help your business achieve your key IT integration tasks – whether on the side of the acquirer or acquired company.  We have an in-depth understanding of technical environments, which questions to ask, the areas to focus on and how to ensure that the acquisition closes without significant problems and is then supported afterwards during the transition process to successful completion.