Cloud Backup Solutions

Our fully user-configurable solution is 100% automated, has a 30 day free trial offering real-time, block-level change-based backups, 448 bit blowfish encryption client-side prior to secure transfer to our cloud hosted in Johannesburg, file deduplication and compression, with no fees for data transfer, installation or setup.

In 2013 we were instrumental in establishing the Cloud Backup Solution in South Africa (originally as part of Eirteic Consulting (Africa), who then rebranded as Envisage Solutions) that caters for any level of company from small businesses right up to enterprise level.

The Cloud Backup service has grown and expanded rapidly and we believe is now one of, if not the best Cloud Backup offering in South Africa based on statistics, research and Google search results. We offer automated dynamic billing that was developed in-house, excellent levels of support and service, on-site visit options for backup and restore, and an archive service for static data that must be securely stored.

Some of our larger and more notable customers include Universities, Opticians, Accountants, Insurance brokers and Telecoms companies, and of course we use our own solution for our backups – which we feel is the best testament to a service any company offers. We also offer a distributor program for IT organisations wishing to re-brand the service and offer Cloud Backup to their own customers, benefiting from sliding-scale discounts.

We took over full ownership and management of the solution in March 2015 and now offer this service exclusively through MG IT Solutions.