We have a number of years experience with Data Centres, ranging from small-scale with 20 racks of equipment, all the way up to 30,000 sq ft data centre with 30 bays of 27 racks of equipment.

Our skills lie in the following areas :

  • Layout and design
  • Power and energy usage and management
  • Environmental and systems monitoring
  • Air cooling strategies
  • Evaluation of existing facility
For your existing data centre we are able to provide you with a consultation service by taking a top-down approach in reviewing your operation.  From our review we then generate a custom report for you with our recommendations.  We believe that at the very minimum we will be able to either suggest changes to be made that will result in a reduction in your operating costs.
We charge a one-off consultancy fee depending on the size of your data centre which includes a single days visit to your site, subject to our availability and your location.  For companies which are further afield or abroad, travel and accommodation expenses would need to be either paid for in advance or billed back to you.  Please contact us for a quotation.