An intranet is an internal-only version of a website for your company or organisation.  It is usually hosted on an internal computer or server, and is only accessible to individuals who are also connected to the same internal network.

This makes an intranet a great platform for internal web-based tools and utilities which help you or your staff manage your business.

An extranet is similar to an intranet, but it is visible from the internet, or outside your internal network but usually restricted.  It can also be used as a secure method of authorised individuals to access your intranet without necessarily being inside your network.

We have extensive experience in designing, building, coding and implementing both intranets and extranets.  Our preference is to build a LAMP software stack server, which stands for Linux (the operating system), Apache (the web server), MySQL (the database) and either Perl, PHP or Python (the programming/scripting language) but we are also experienced in working on OpenBSD and Solaris platforms, should you have limited budgets for new hardware or software.

Rather than buying a tool or utility which must be installed on multiple computers, why not look to have a web-based tool developed that fits your needs and requirements exactly.  With a fast turnaround time, you get a custom, working and supported implementation.