We are able to provide a high quality level of support for your home or business computers running Windows or Apple Mac.

Do you frequently have problems or would like assistance with :

  • Messages popping up you don’t understand
  • Security
  • Antivirus
  • Programs or applications not launching correctly
  • System freezing
  • Looking for something and can’t find it
  • Internet connectivity issues or ADSL modem configuration
  • Backups
  • Migrating your data to “the cloud”
  • Setting up new email accounts
  • Configuring applications

Perhaps you are just worried about security and would like someone to look over your system and ensure that everything is running as expected.  We are able to make firm recommendations and install free versions of antivirus and security tools that work quietly in the background without baffling you.

We’re able to help, and we’ve many years of doing exactly these sort of things.  We also operate a no-fix, no-fee type pricing structure.

We can send a secure deployment package of LogMeIn to you which you then install on your computer and it will allow us remote access.  This does of course assume that your computer is connected to the internet as unfortunately we are unable to visit in person.