Alongside our IT Infrastructure and Environment service offering, we are also able to provide Systems Administration for your servers and software components running on them.

Our experience covers multiple flavours and versions of Linux, Windows, Solaris, HPUX, Mac and a little AIX as well.

We can assist you with regular maintenance, health checking, security and performance evaluation or configuration changes to ensure that your servers are running at their best and most performant.  Many companies use our services in a remote capacity, so we only connect to your servers when you need us to, and we only use state of the art software products and packages which use strong security technology features.

Problem Solving

If you have a problem that keeps cropping up, or that you can’t seem to get fixed, or your current support company are unable to fix, then why not tell us about it ?  If you are experiencing a problem that no-one else has been able to resolve, let us review it for you for free.

We will not charge you a penny until we have fixed the problem for you – and only then if we fix the problem.  With our System Administration problem solving service, no fix means no fee.  Contact us to discuss this further.