We love WordPress.  As an open-source website platform that primarily was developed to enhance typography, it has grown exponentially and seen large-scale deployment which now numbers many millions around the world.  The software is free, regularly updated, and comes with plugins, themes, tools and utilities that enables a very decent website to be online in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks, at relatively low cost.

The co-founder of WordPress recently published some statistics* which you may find surprising :

  1. For every 100 new domains in US, 22 of them run WordPress
  2. At the moment 14.7% of all websites in the world run WordPress
  3. 6,800 WordPress users that took a user survey manage 170,000 websites, or an average of 25 websites per user

* Valid August 2011

We will always recommend using WordPress for a new, redesigned or updated website.  It offers rapid turnaround and return on your investment which will be required for your domain name and hosting.

We have a lot of experience in deploying, configuring, and managing WordPress instances, and we are confident that within a week of placing an order with us, subject to your domain name and hosting availability, your website and/or blog will be online to the world and allowing you to quickly and easily develop it further.

We should also mention, our site runs on WordPress too 🙂

You can order WordPress hosting through our separate division MG IT Hosting.